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Idelaju curates and dwells on why and how ideas appeal to audience intellectually and emotionally, and through what ways they can be embedded for us to live a better life. We work with brands, companies, and organizations from both public and private sectors to connect with their audience by crafting stories and issues that matters. We help entities from various industries who are developing events, exhibitions, programs, publications, or other creative IPs from idea development, speaker or external source selection, content flow development, content editing and evaluation.


Idelaju helps brands balance between inclusivity, entertainment, and compassion for improvement through talks, conference, trainings, and the like. We understand the importance of specific agendas hold by the brands, but we also believe in certain values of credibility to develop a robust between the brands and its audience. Our team consists of managers with many years of experience in handling both national and international speakers, whether they are offline events, digital workshops, or international conferences. We work together with brands to select, scout, vet, and accompany the speakers from end to end.

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Idelaju believes a person is multi-dimentional and changes depending on the development of their individual and situational interest. This part of our solutions focuses the relationship between the talent, what they are passionate about, and the entity who will celebrate that passion. Under our management, the talents will receive management for administrative matters, curated experience for their speaking engagements, and strategies to shape their speaking engagement roadmap to support their career.


Lately, most brands are watched and weighed by the issues they endorse, the stories behind the brand’s faces, and how these issues aligned with their business process and the people behind it. This drives us to conduct research to help brands identify new areas of potential conversations and narratives, the macro trends and anti-trends. Using a choice or combined methods of qualitative researh matrix, meta-analyses, and quantitative research of several case studies, our research gives illustration on how audience interact with various types of content intellectually and emotionally.

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